DLP Designed for Developers!

We are strong supporters of efficient data security, with less development effort and fewer resources. With sensitivity.io, we eliminate thousands of hours of coding, offering developers APIs for highly personalized data security features.

Cybersecurity APIs for Cloud, Apps, and Services
Inject security, DLP features & HIPAA, GDPR and other compliance policies at the core of your apps.

Unmatched sensitive data visibility and compliance for Cloud, Apps, and Services.


You are developing a successful fast-growing app.

SDKs for in-app cybersecurity
Enrich your applications with advanced Data Loss Prevention and other security features through our complete and well documented tools.

Cloud-based API
Identify, tag, scan confidential data in the cloud and apply remediation actions like encryption and deletion.

SaaS for Data Storage Services
DLP for cloud services, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox. Connect your accounts in the sensitivity.io Control Panel and you can start scanning.

Mobile Apps
Protect your mobile apps against data leakage and theft by leveraging our cloud-based sensitivity.io DLP API.

Online backup, sync and file sharing
Make sure all data stored in your backup and file sharing solution is compliant with security policies and industry regulations. Scan and detect policy violations and take informed decisions.

Collaboration and messaging
Integrate DLP into collaboration apps like Slack and support employees in using them with no data security compromises.

We help organisations meet regulatory compliance…