A single cloud platform that integrates email, web, cloud application security (CASB) & Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Advanced threat protection for your organisation without having to navigate a multitude of silo’d products.



Unified Security Service (USS) platform enables organisations to move away from the more expensive approach of running separate solutions in silos. It seamlessly adapts to how modern enterprises function by allowing security teams to efficiently and effectively manage core security defences.



The USS platform gives users the freedom to access the applications and data they need regardless of the device or location. It provides complete visibility for IT, whilst ensuring all users are protected.


Email Security
Protect your organisation from known, unknown & emerging email threats. Work with Exchange and Office 365.



How it works
Quick and easy to deploy, Email Security simply redirects domain MX records to the CensorNet cloud.



Web Security
Protect your organisation from malware, offensive or inappropriate content and manage time spent on websites that impact productivity.


How it works
Manage over 500 categories of web content and billions of web pages with a simple yet flexible rules-based policy engine.


Cloud Application Security (CASB)
Discover, analyse, secure and manage user interaction with cloud applications. Control any button, upload or action on any website.



How it works
Full visibility and control of cloud activity using a comprehensive Inline & API multi mode CASB solution.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Protect your organisation and avoid compromising your accounts through weak or stolen passwords.



How it works
Add an additional level of protection to user accounts above and beyond a simple password to prevent unauthorised access in the event of password phishing, theft or brute force attack.