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The DataLocker Sentry is a FIPS 140-2 validated hardware-encrypted flash drive. This USB drive simplifies security compliance with maximum protection and centralized management. The tamper-proof housing is tough and durable.

DataLocker Encrypted Flash Drive

The Sentry 3.0 combines DataLocker’s certified and proven technology with USB 3.0 speed. This next generation, smart USB drive combines 100% hardware encryption with the ability to connect to a remote management system.

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SafeToGo, the next generation of highly secure flash drives

SafeToGo™ from Cardwave is a fully robust, hardware encrypted USB3.0 flash drive that protects your sensitive data. SafeToGo™ can be fully managed through the SafeConsole Secure USB Management Server, giving administrators control over specific features that help you manage and secure your data.

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